New Year Catch-Up

January 10, 2011

I haven’t exactly hit the ground running with my blog posts in this the year of 2011. More accurately I hit the ground with a thump, got my legs stuck in the mud and have been spinning my wheels for the past week. Life has been moving fast and I’ve been struggling to catch up. But as luck would have it, Georgia got hit with a huge snow storm last night and as a result, the city has come to a halt. Schools and business are shut down. Roads are a disaster zone, littered with abandoned and stranded cars. Its perfect and exactly what I need. For today at least, it feels like the world has stopped turning and I have the opportunity to catch up. I’m a hostage of my home and I’m loving it.

Speaking of home, finally, we have been given the necessary clearance by the powers of all things building related in the state of Georgia, to move into out new carriage house. (Pause for some high-pitched, parting of the Red Sea angelic style music). Much and all as I’ve enjoyed the experience of heating the bed with my own breath, yes, the heating system in our very old little house finally popped its clogs, I much prefer the luxury of a well insulated, well heated, 21st century home.

Other news, The Husband has embarked on a new business venture, which means by the power of association, so have I and I’m excited to share the details soon. He has worked very hard to get it up and running in record time and the result is trés trés impressive.

On a personal note, this is the week I will spend some time pondering a few New Years resolutions. Yes, I’m well aware we are already 10 days into 2011, but I just didn’t have the necessary head space available the previous 9 days to dedicate to a little personal stock taking (please refer to paragraph 1). Now that I’m getting the opportunity to catch up with the rest of the world, it will be done this week.

To finish up I will leave you with a few photos taken this morning around our property.

Our new wee home. This is where we will reside for the next year, before we begin building of the main house.

This was Crooked’s first ever snow. He was a little confused so………

…..he never strayed too far from his brother Dexter.

The boys

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