July 30, 2017

Weather is something we’re constantly talking about in Ireland. Why? Cos good weather is never a guarantee. It may be summer, but that means nothing to a country positioned on the edge of Europe, hanging out there solo in the Atlantic ocean. Taking a beating from all of the winds and rain the Atlantic has to offer. But for the duration of our trip, we struck weather gold. 80% warm temperatures and sunshine, 20% overcast with a misting of rain. I like to think we had something to do with it. Maybe we dragged the warm front with a more westly facing sun on the tail wing of our flight from Atlanta, or maybe we just got lucky. And just in case it was the latter, I made sure to buy myself a lottery ticket, but not the winning one.

Since the climate was changing in our favor, we took full advantage and spent as much time as possible enjoying outdoor pursuits. This day we headed to Tayto Park, an amusement park in Co. Meath. Despite the sun shining you’ll notice our cousins arrived wearing their rain jackets. Cos us Irish people know, our weather cannot and should not be trusted. My lads are not wearing theres, but I have them in my back pack. You can take the girl out of Ireland, but you’ll never take Ireland out of the girl.

Of course the first place everyone wants to go, the Dino exhibit. I wasn’t sure about this particular scene happening in front of us, but the kids loved it.

My just hatched nephews Evan and Nathan.

And my own dino babies.

From blood thirsty dinosaurs to crashed trucks. The violence of it all. But again, another big hit with the kids.

These awesome zip-lines. Keane and Cullen were so excited.

But the bad news, height and weight restrictions. Boooo! Even on his tippy-toes Keane wasn’t even close.

So he settled for waving at all the people who were tall and heavy enough zipping past.

Next stop, the Ice Valley.

Radom fake snowfall has Keane all confused.

Emily on the other hand embraced the oddness of it all.

The zip line was not the only attraction that posed an issue with height restrictions, many of the things the lads wanted to go on they were too short for. I asked one of the park employees if there was anything in the park that a group of 3-8yr olds could enjoy, he pointed us in the direction of the playground. I was slightly pissed at our effort to drive and pay premium amusement park entry fees (thanks dad) to be told that the playground was the only joy ride our kids could hope to experience that day. But obviously did not make my feelings of hostility known to the kids, as they played happily.

Look who we bumped into, Mr. Tayto (an FYI for my American peeps, Mr. Tayto is a potato chip).

Spotted, a Viking.

This was Keane and Cullen’s first viking encounter, but they instinctively knew they should fight him.

The result of trying to get a cousins group shot.

Hooray! We found a ride Keane was tall enough for, the river rollercoaster. Post splash and it looks like granny and granddad enjoyed it as much, if not more than Keane.

Choo-choo ride.

Splash park. Was not expecting to see one of these in Ireland, so had not packed any swimmies for the boys. But I had packed extra clothes, cos my 5 years of motherhood has thought me to be prepared for everything.

Cullen and Nathan enjoyed the splash park the most.

Ok, now we’re dried off, tired and ready to leave. The park is about 30 minutes from closing and what do we find?? An area full of amusement rides dedicated to children 10 yrs and under. ARE YOU FU#KING KIDDING ME??!? I wanted to hunt down that twatty little employee and smack him hard. All day long I’d had to keep breaking the news to 5 sad faced little kids that they were too short for most of the rides. And all the time there was a secret corner full of small people rides. Argggghhhh!

We did manage to jump on a couple of rides before it was really time to go. And overall the kids had the best day. So hurting twatty little employees wasn’t really necessary.

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