Let The Sharing Begin

July 27, 2017

Ok, so a slow start to the sharing of photos from Ireland. I’ve plenty of excuses as to why, a couple of client shoots I was working on (clients trump vaca photos in the priority stakes), the mad dash to get all of the “back to school” essentials ready for the boys, who are in fact about to head “back to school”, and just life in general and my need to adult on a daily basis. All those factors have limited my time to comb through and get posting anything from Ireland. But tonight things aligned and at last I got the opportunity and possessed the awakeabilty to get this Irish party started.

The first couple of days we usually spend in a fog of jet lag. So we keep a low’ish profile and mostly hang out at Granny and Granddads house. The morning after our arrival I wake up to find my Dad and my kids blatantly creeping on my parents neighbors.

The neighbors are in the precess of doing some renovations, so the creeping was cleverly packaged in a harmless “oh, the kids just wanted to see the digger” way.

Spotted and Keane threatens to deal with me in the way most paparazzi should be dealt with.

Post creeping and we’re off for a walk. Oh and Keane picked out a new back-pack before our trip, thats why its coming everywhere.

We spy a horse.

Trespassing in Ireland? Sure its grand if you just want to get a closer look.

To the railway bridge for some train spotting.

Passing the time while we wait.

Hooray! A train.

Later that evening we go meet up with our Irish cousins for a scoot.

Cullen, not as fast as the others but he manages to nab the last parking spot.

Like a bunch of little ants.





Water and rocks, it never gets old.

Cullen is back into trucks. He took a brief hiatus into the world of dinosaurs, but he’s back to the trucks in a big way.

The climb out of the river not as easy as the climb down.

Just a couple of 5 year olds, hanging out discussing life.

The gang is done, time to scoot up and roll out.

Some scooter issues for Cullen, but Uncle Edward’s on hand to pull him along.

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