Homeward Bound

July 3, 2017

Both boys are down for a nap, yes, even Keane. The nap gods are working in my favor today cos now I have a kid free window to rush around and do all of the last minute packing (and blog posting) ahead of our flight tonight. We are Ireland bound and we’re so excited. I’ve packed way too many shorts and t-shirts for this particular trip, but Ireland, I believe in you. I believe you can bust out a few days of summer sunshine and heat, and when you do, we’ll be ready. But just in case I’ve also got the rain jackets and longer pants options. So basically, we’re ready for it all. This means I’ll be off the blog for the next 2 weeks, which I know will leave everyone with such void, but 2 weeks from now we’ll be back with lots to share from the homeland. Before we leave, let me close out with a random selection of photos from the last few days of our trip to Massachusetts.

James was in the garden practicing his batting. Keane was curious as to why James didn’t have to put the baseball on a stand to hit it, like he does in t-ball. So I had to explain that when you get older you don’t use a stand, the ball is thrown to you by a pitcher.

Looking and learning.

After watching for a few minutes, Keane wanted to have a turn being pitched to. Paul gives him some technical assistance.

James is the pitcher.

And bam! He hits it. He probably hit 2 out of 10 pitches, not bad.

Cullen couldnt care less about pitching and batting, he was busy chasing bubbles.

Paul and James have a cool zip line in their back yard, hours of fun for my boys.

This is Cullen’s first go zip-lining.

Keane runs with him for the first one, a bit of moral support.

Then he’s off and zipping solo.

One of the very generous neighbors lets the boys invade their pool.

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