Crab Trappin

July 1, 2017

Last day on The Cape and as usual the boys were up with the sun ready and beyond excited to be heading down to the dock with Aunt Anne who was about to give them all a lesson in crab catching. So far on the trip the only crabs the boys had encountered were the corps kind, so the idea that they were now about to catch some live, was just the adrenaline rush they’d been looking for.

With baited traps and a little direction from Aunt Anne, its was bombs away.

While waiting for the crabs to take the bait, the boys passed the time on a small beach next to the dock hunting for any and every kind of ocean life.

And James got something.

A big rush to show everyone.

A crab. He caught a small crab.

We got a little bucket going to put all of our ocean finds.

First catch of the day.

Paul and Keane on the hunt.

And Keane got something.

The pride and excitement each of them had with their catches was completely adorable.

Another one for the bucket.

Cullen was in awe of all the creatures.

A quick check on the traps. Nothing yet.

But here comes Paul with something to add.

Our bucket is filling up with all kinds or crabs, sea snails and moon jelly.

Pa adds another set of eyes to the hunt.

James helps Cullen with his first catch of hermit crabs.

Another trap check. Still nothing.

These boys were determined to find every crab they could. Hunting in all corners of the beach.

Another exciting catch from Keane.

Trap check and this time, We Got One!

Look at the size of this guy.

James in a mad rush to alert the others.

Here they come.

Such excitement.

This crab was too big to share the small bucket with the other crabs, so Pa and Cullen get him a big bucket of his own.

The transfer to larger accommodations.

There he is. Looking at us. Pissed.

Uncle Jack shows up in time to witness our large catch.

Keane is off catching minnows now.

The result of all the boys hard work.

But before we left, we retuned each of them back to the ocean.

There goes the biggest guy.

One of the small ones released by Keane.

Swim away little crab.

Aunt Anne and Pa with 4 very happy boys. Thank you so much for your hospitality and all of the very unique and forever memorable experiences you provided for our boys during our stay. The bad news is they will probably, I mean, they will ABSOLUTELY want to come back again next year. But don’t worry, the mommas will arrived armed with visit surviving essentials, like wine and caffeine, thus giving us all the extra bit of edge needed to keep up with these high energy boys.

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