Play, Sail & Play Ball

June 29, 2017

After an action packed beach day the following morning we woke up to a light and misty rain. Which was just fine. Some of us were in need of a much slower and leisurely start to the day. And by “us”, I’m obviously not talking about the kids. As usual they woke up with plenty of bounce, excited and anxious for more fun and adventure. So we, the grown-ups, let them off as we gathered around the breakfast table trying to caffeinate ourselves awake.

Gradually the rain passed, so we took the gang off to a nearby playground.

This downward climbing tire tunnel was the most popular attraction at the park. At least with our crew anyway.

Swing take over by the bigger boys.

Keane is curious about the tire tunnel now too.

The below view.

James is next.

Paul gets a little help from Cullen.

Pouty face on Cullen, but I can’t actually remember why.

Bug hunting again.

Chillin in a bubble.

More grumpy faces from Cullen.

The afternoon we took to the high seas for a cruise around The Cape.

A launch boat (which is like a sea taxi) ride to where Uncle Jack’s boat is anchored.

Uncle Jack and a happy Keane and Dinara.

Boarding boat Doyle.

You might say there was a slight wind on the sea that day, check out The Husbands jacket.

The initial part of our voyage was captained by Paul and co-captianed by Uncle Jack.

The boats and beach houses of some of the Cape Cod resistance.

Each one of them was impressive.

Even my kids were impressed.

Passage under the bridge.

We have a new captain.

A patch of rough sea.

Before all was calm again.

Anchors down and here’s the launch boat to take us back to dock.

So these photos show each of the boys cleanly exiting boat Doyle to get back onto the launch boat.

Then there’s Cullen’s exit. Full of emotion, gripping the pole, absolutely refusing to get back onto the launch boat.

He had to be literally dragged off of it. And instead of helping, like everyone wanted me to, I thought I’d just focus on capturing the crazy.

Finally we are all back on the launch boat and the mommas wanted to get a shot of the cousins. The secret to making that happen? Well you might have spotted Dinara there to the left of shot, holding up a packet of Skittles. Yes, we sunk so low as to buy our childrens cooperation with the promise of sugar and artificial coloring.

But it worked.

Dinara, making good on the promise of Skittles.

A less dramatic return to dock by Cullen.

Nothing but a bunch of Doyle boys and men. All of them bribed with Skittles.

A few minutes to kick around on the beach.

Some of the conversations these two have are just downright funny. I love listening to them.

Back to the house for some snacks before changing and heading to a local baseball game. And if you were to ask me who out of all the boys was the most reserved and quiet, without hesitation I would have to say James.

See, sometimes you forget he’s even there. Never one for the spotlight.

Closing out another amazing day with a baseball game. Off to cheer on the local Cotuit Kettleers.

Action shots from the game.

It was only a matter of time before sitting and watching the game was no longer fun for the little boys. So Cullen and I took a stroll around and found this play area set up under the stands. Such a good idea for families who go to support but who have small kids with zero interest.

The big cousins get right up next to the team dugout.

Paul ended up getting a game ball from one of the players.

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