Life’s A Beach 2017

June 27, 2017

While its true we just got back from our 10 day trip to the northern corner of the US, we are literally only home for this week before we’re off on the next adventure. So look out Ireland, we’re comin for ya. The boys and I are so excited to be headed to Momma’s homeland to spend 2 weeks hanging with all of our Irish peeps. And while 2 weeks does sound like a good stretch of time to spend anywhere, somehow it never feels quite long enough. Not long enough for all the people you want to see, not long enough for all the things you want to do. However, we always do our best to pack in as much as we can. But that all kicks off next week. This week let me power on with the photo sharing from the always amazing and fun time we have when we get to hang with our cousins.

Post mountain run we headed to Cape Cod for a few days. We had an invitation to come visit from our Uncle Jack and Aunt Anne who are lucky enough to live in this fabulous place on a permanent basis. And since we just happen to be in that corner of the country already, it felt rude not to show up on their doorstep thats 10 minutes walk from the beach, with 4 adults and 4 kids in tow. Talk about a take over. For 3 action packed days we turned their house into a circus, but they could not have been more welcoming and tolerant, even happy to have us and our high energy brood invade upon their serenity. That kind of hospitality needs a medal of some kind.

Of course the first thing you do when you hit the Cape, is hit the beach.

Lots of sea creatures (mostly of the dead kind) were found washed up in and around the beach area. And for 4 creature loving boys, this was heaven.

Crab corps.

Of course everyone wants to have a turn holding it.

The boys returned the crab corps back to he ocean, hoping to resurrect it.

James with another sea type thing. I’m sorry, my marine biology is not excellent. So I don’t want to take a stab at guessing what things are and have the world wide web giggle in judgement at my lack of ocean knowledge. But this thing was in a shell and was alive.

Digging for some live crabs.

But didn’t have much luck.


Sometimes in life you feel some kind of way, happy, sad, angry, whatever and all you want to do is have a really good scream. Cullen, never shy about acting on his emotions.

Oh, James returns from his stroll with something in hand.

There’s Cullen dancing in excitement.

A toss back to the ocean for whatever creature that was.

Keane collecting random body parts.

Castle building time.

Just a couple of proud castle builders.

What castle would be complete without a crab corps topper.

Cullen gathers buckets of water for the castle moat.

Keane decorates with shells and rocks.

Another moment of pride.

The water gathering for the moat went on a while. Somehow the water just kept disappearing into the sand. But it didn’t stop them trying and trying.

Dinara and some of the boys headed off on a beach walk.

While they were away and the castle was left unsupervised, someone saw themselves an opportunity. An opportunity to do no good judging by that face.

Castle, flattened.

And he’s not even sorry about it.

Here comes Daddy with a couple of buggy-boards.

Cullen absolutely loves buggy-boarding in the sea.

Momma and Keane ready to take on the waves.

A little child swapping happening here. Keane off with Daddy, Cullen now pairing up with Momma.

A convoy of Doyles (with a token Shinkins).

Time for the bigger Doyles to have a go.

Daddy found a shell with a crab hiding inside.

So we popped it into a buckets and watched and waited for it to come out.

We passed some of the waiting time burying some of the children.

They eventually freed themselves.

Towels give us some major imaginative flying powers.

Actually no, the Mommas were not drinking today. Just high on life.

One more dip for Cullen to close out a great beach day.

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