Alive And Survived

June 25, 2017

Back from our trip to Massachusetts and back from another grueling 7.6 mile run up Mt. Washington. I’m alive and I survived. This year the experience was no less painful but it was definitely less of an emotional rollercoaster. We knew what to expect. We knew the burn the body was about to feel and we knew that each mile meant a steeper and steeper climb. The whole run was a basic bitch, we knew it, but this time we were ready-’ish. My performance this year was better than last. I finished 3 minutes faster. But if I’m honest I was kind of bummed. The running effort I put out there this time, was so much better than last years, I really thought it would result in more than a 3 minute improvement. But shit, it could have been worse, slower or non-finisher and I’d really have a reason to be bummed. But that 3 minute improvement resulted in me finishing 284th out of 1300. Last year I placed 415th out 0f 1300. And this time I was 9th in my age group, last year I was 21st. Which basically means if I keep going, within the next 2 -3 years, I should win the damn thing.

The recovery from this years run was painful, but not even close to the same suffering I experienced post race last year. Last year I was begging to be euthanized the body hurt so bad, I was in a constant state of wanting to throw up and my head was pounding for days. This year the body ached bad, but there was only some minor stomach upset and a headache that only last a few hours. So to sum up, the Mt Washington One Hill Run is still one of the most abusive runs I’ve ever taken on. Yes, this years run was an all around improvement from last years, but I’m done. I have no desire to take this shit on again. None. So when sign up time comes around, don’t anybody ask me, cos I might say “yes”, and I really, REALLY, don’t want to.

Weather wise it played out exactly like last year. Rain and misery the entire day before. Number pick up the evening prior was a cold and wet affair. This is a shot of the very start of the climb to the top of the mountain. Usually you can see the summit from here, but this particular evening it was covered by rain clouds.

Rain never seems to bother some of us.

Watching their cousin James do a little rope climbing.

Monkey see monkey do.

My sister in law Dinara, is way too excited for the run we’re about to face.

We’re got our numbers, we got our free t-shirts (very important) time to get out of cold and wet dodge.

Wait, not before we stop for a shot of the runners (me and Dinara) and our group of smallest supporters. Honestly, trying to get all the kids into one photo is like trying to herd cats.

But we eventually got there.

Ok, here were are, the morning of the race. Our happy little group on the left, with the top of the mountain still hidden by rain clouds. But 15 minutes later the clouds lifted and boom! the right photo you see the summit of Mt Washington, aka, our finish line.

Not a rain cloud in sight. Just an all around fabulous day.

Final group photo before the gun. Start line there to the right of the group, finish line top left corner. My running buddy for so many years now, Mike.

There I am, about a mile from the top, running amongst the clouds.

The first 4 finishers survivors from our group.

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