We’re taking off this week. Off to Massachusetts, to spend time hanging with the cousins, via New Hampshire, where for the 2nd year I’m about to do the Mt Washington 7.6 mile run. If any of you remember, this mountain run nearly killed me last year and I swore I’d never do it again. But here we are, 2 days away from another murderous mountain running adventure. But I’m pretty confident this will definitely be the last time I sign up for this. If I even survive it. So this will will be my last blog entry, well, not THE LAST, just the last until we return 10 days from now. Alive preferably.

Before we readied ourselves for the 10 day trip, we took the time to return out pet turtle, Turtler to his natural home at the lake. We’ve kept him safe, warm and well fed since October, but it was time for Turtler to go home. The lake water temperature is perfect now, so it was the right time to transition him back. There were a few tears from the boys, but they’ve always known he couldn’t stay with us forever. And am sure he’ll pop back up to see us on our day trips back to the lake. At least I’ve told the boys thats whats going to happen.

The final moments in his little tank.

Cullen scoops him up.

And of course there was a fight over who should put him back in the water.

Somehow they came to the agreement that Keane would do it.

And there he goes. Turtler-Fast Little Turtle-Hungry Little Turtle-Doyle (thats his full name).

A while later we were playing around in the lake….

….and look who popped back up to say “Hi”, Turtler.

He hung out for a minute.

Before he dived off and went on his way again.

Cullen thought it was so exciting.

Cullen and Daddy try to do some buggy boarding.

Keane buggy boarding solo.

But they kept a permanent eye put for their turtle friend.

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