Exhausted and elated, at the end of hard day of partying, as I put Keane to bed he told me 1. he wants to live with momma and dada forever 2. he wants a water slide for his birthday party every year and 3. he had the best birthday ever. Big “Thank You” to every one who came, celebrated and made this Keane’s “best birthday party ever“.

The slide arrived a couple of hours before the party. He’d been waiting 12 months to have another water slide, it was too much to expect that he wait a few more hours for his friends to arrive.

For the first time in 2 years Keane’s party was not dinosaur themed. This year we are all about the geckos.

The friends have arrived, its time to party.

Cullen looking like he’s some type of slide security.

There goes Cullen.

Safe to assume he enjoyed it.

Hmmmm, Cullen and his friend Brendan attempt to walk up the wet and slippery slide.

Honestly, I was surprised not one child was launched over the top of the crash wall. They came down like rockets.

Cake time.

We had a little issue with the candles, the breeze kept blowing out the flame.

Eventually we got there.

Clean up on the youngest.

Water balloons!

We’ll end with a shot of the Birthday Boy.

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