The Season Is Closed

May 30, 2017

I’ve been trying to write and post this blog for 2 nights. But for 2 straight nights I’ve had to surrender my computer to The Husband for urgent sports agent work and last minute athlete travel emergencies. This is the same Husband who unprompted will verbalize his dislike for using Mac computers (I use a Mac). Yet most evenings despite the fact that his “beloved” PC is sitting there, all fired up, fully charged and ready for usage, he will park his arse at my Mac and hijack its usage for all his agent needs for several hours. To call him out on his hypocrisy and I have to listen to too many minutes of too many creative excuses as to why he needs to work from MY computer, a Mac and not his own, a PC. Honestly, and they say women are fickle and full of mixed messages.

Anyway, last weekend was the final game of Keane’s first season of T-Ball and it was a scorcher. The weather I’m talking about. Intense, humid heat like only Georgia can deliver. The heat struggle was real, for the spectators and for the kids. But the Cubs (Keane’s team) showed up, over heated and collectively whiny and played their last game of the season. Its really been a lot of fun, seeing how far they’ve come from the confusing days of their first games back in March, to a team that now has started to understand the game of baseball. Ok, so they may still get in some tug-of-wars with their teammates when chasing and catching the ground balls, but someday soon the whole “team” concept will click and they’ll begin to realize that they are not in fact competing against themselves as well as the other teams.

Team warm-up.

Keane and his bestie Bryson.

Cullen parked himself in the team dug out. One of the only areas with some precious shade. He passed the time snacking….

…and playing dinosaurs.

Here we go.

Got his eye of the tiger ready.

Big throw from Bryson.

Keane and his teammate Parker hustling for the ground balls.

The face that let me know the heat struggle was real.

The pre-batting team pep talk.

Perhaps another pep-talk from Cullen happening here.

Next up to bat.

Swing batter.

Safe to 1st.

Bryson gets a good hit and everyone moves on another base.

Gunning for home.

The game got called after 40 mins. Too many 4 year olds breaking down and struggling in the heat. Can’t say the parents were too upset with it ending 20 mins early. The heat was hurting all of us.

The closing game high-fives.

Time for team refueling and rehydrating, aka, post-game snack.

The only girl on the team, Karina and she just happens to love dinosaurs too. So Cullen and her have become good friends throughout the season.

Keane demonstrates the dino tricks.

The coaches, who did an amazing job with all our kids this season.

Team photo.

The following day and we had a celebration gathering, complete with trophy presentation for this team of t-ball rookies.

Waiting impatiently for his trophy and his food.

His first trophy.

Bestie Bryson.

Somebody is loving his award.

Cullen and his dinosaurs.

And of course, Karina right next to him.

Special gift for the coaches, tiny bats with all of the team members names.

My boys, always with the climbing.

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