Schools Out

May 24, 2017

And just like that another school year ended. Last week the kids got released for their summer break. The build up to the final day was action packed with “fun in the sun” days, recitals and class parties. This marks the end of Keane’s 3 years of pre-school. Now my fast growing child will move on to Kindergarten (Primary School) in August. Thank goodness Cullen still has another 2 more years of pre-school, cos I’m not sure this momma is ready to have 2 grown up boys on her hands yet. And while both Keane and Cullen were sad at the idea of not seeing their friends and favorite teachers several days a week, and Keane who’s fully aware that come August, school’s about to look a whole lot different for him, right now they’re focus is on enjoying mornings with no wake up calls, more relaxed daily routines, later bedtimes and lots of play dates with friends that will more than likely be focused around water, to help combat the excruciating summer heat.

Speaking of heat, it was a hot one for the boys “Fun in the Sun” Day.

But Cullen and his classmates appeared oblivious, once the parachute and beach balls came out.

While Cullen was busy with parachute games, Keane was prepping for the sack-race.

But Keane has yet to master a good sack-racing technique.

Down we go.

The rest of the racers have finished, but Keane’s still wrestling his way back into the sack.

Meanwhile, Cullen is getting ready to tug-of-war. And appears to be a little confused as to why he was handed a piece of rope to hold.

The addition of some teammates and with instructions to “pull”, they did.

And then they kept pulling. Heading off across the field like a threesome of little Forrest Gumps.

Eventually the teacher caught up and wrangled them all back.

Keane’s turn on the parachute.

The aggressive streak in Cullen was fully satisfied by this bean bag tossing game.

Keane and his classmates are up on the tug-of-war. And here we have a classic boys vs girls situation. The boys.

The girls.

And the girls team was not playing. They had these boys on the run right from the start.

Down go the boys. Victory for the girls.

Another go and this time the teams were a mix of boys and girls.

Working on some sand art.

Cullen had a slight soakage situation happen at the “hook a duck pool” while I was with Keane at the sand art. Which will explain why his suddenly shirtless.

I could think of nothing I’d hate more than being in a bouncy castle in the blazing heat, but these kids didn’t seem bothered at all.

The end of year school performance and Keane’s class did a montage of nursery rhythms. Keane is far right with his classmate Michelle and they are doing “Old Mother Hubbard”. Keane is the dog.

Keane’s class (again he’s far right) getting ready to graduate pre-school.

He’s a legit pre-school graduate. The piece of paper makes it so.

Proud walk.

With his fellow graduates.

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