Between the kids, the dogs, the cat, the fish and the turtle, you would think there are more than enough things in this house that I’m trying to keep alive. Well apparently not, cos now you can add 2 gecko’s to the list. And no, I’m not kidding. See, this is the kind of shit that happens when Daddy watches the boys. Both Keane and Cullen are knee deep into all things dinosaur and all things reptile right now. Keane had been talking for months about wanting a gecko. He watches all kinds of wild life documentaries and loves reading books on reptiles. For whatever reason he was very drawn to the gecko and asked if he could have one. Being the responsible parent I am, and believing it to be a phase that would pass soon enough, on top of the fact that I know nothing about geckos, had no interest in learning about geckos, nor did I want them in the house. I distracted him with my subject changing skills and creative stall tactics in the hopes that he would forget. But he didn’t. He became even more obsessed. Then one day while I was working and Daddy was parenting solo, I came home to find 2 very excited boys, bouncing around the room talking so fast and yelling so loud as they competed to be the first to tell me that we now had 2 geckos. I fake smiled my joy and surprise to the boys, as I simultaneously tried to telepathically communicate my hostility to The Husband, who was blatantly avoiding eye contact.

Now here we are, with 2 new members to the Doyle family. And me, already and expert on all things prehistoric, now find myself expanding and branching out, reluctantly I might add, into everything reptile.

Here we have Keane’s gecko, he named him Toekay. Its a leopard gecko for anyone who might be interested.

The gecko on the right is Cullen’s, he named his Moekay. So there we have them, Toekay and Moekay.

Both the boys are responsible for the care of Toekay and Moekay. Every couple of days, Keane makes sure to clean out all the gecko poop.

And both of them love to feed them. The kicker being that geckos like to eat live food.

We buy these meal worms, small living worms that the lads love to feed them. Crickets are another meal time favorite. But we’ve had a few crickets escape in some of the feedings.

Just yuck!

Once the tank is clean, the water dish replenished and the food dish filled with worms, its time to return the gecko to their home.

Toekay is hungry.

Got himself a juicy worm.

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