Happy Campers

May 17, 2017

A quiet update on the illness situation. I did make it to the doctor (with Cullen in tow). Got a prescription for drugs (not the ah-mazing kind, but the kind that allow me to remain present and perform all of my daily mother duties uninhibited). It took 3 more days but eventually the medication kicked in and I was on the road to recovery. Which is a good thing cos this week has been CRAZY! Summer break has arrived for the boys, so their final week in school was full of end of year parties and concert performances. For Keane this marks the end of his 3 years of pre-school. Its now time for him to enter Kindergarten (thats Primary School for all the Irish people in da’house) and although he appears to be ready, am not sure momma is. But before y’all start rolling your eyes in anticipation of an onslaught of emotionally driven declarations of how time, just appears to have accelerated and how quickly things have moved from dependent baby and toddler phases to a little boy determined to flex his independence muscles at every opportunity, I will pause, and save that flood of emotion for next month, when Keane turns 5.

Switching gears, let me just share what went down one day last week in yet another post school pick-up car park adventure. But very quickly, before I get into it, let me give you the play by play of a standard school pick-up day. The moms arrive to collect the kids. The kids are released and usually spend about 30 mins (sometimes 60) playing on the grass areas surrounding the small car park. While the kids play, the mommas catch up on “current events”, off load some of the frustrations and challenges associated with raising kids, question the mentality of men and reminisce about the life we once had prior to securing the future of the human race. All pretty standard. But one day last week, during their play time, Keane came running up to tell me that he and his friends had decided to camp out. With a little more probing I discovered that it was going to be happening the next day, after school, right there on the grass next to the car park. He would be bringing tents, blankets, snacks and drinks. But not the TV cos its too big and no iPads cos there’d be nowhere to charge them. The parents could camp out too, just in case the kids got afraid once nighttime fell. They had it all figured out and were so excited, it felt wrong not to support it. Keane’s friend Gracie-Jo even called him as we drove home to discuss a few more details. Like an alternative to setting up a tent, cos her mom felt like a tent in the small grass area next to a school and church, wouldn’t be ideal. I agreed, so the kids decided on just sleeping bags and blankets. The discussion then switched to a campfire, so they could make s’mores. Again the mommas had to intervene, you know, general personal and public safety concerns, so the kids agreed to bring the marshmallows and pretend to roast them. They had it all worked out. And once we got home, Keane and Cullen spent the rest of the day and evening, talking about and gathering everything needed for the next days camping experience.

So here we are, post school pick-up, just a couple of friends all set up for camping. The joy this whole experience brought was adorable.

Graice-Jo’s mom added to the enjoyment level by bringing popsicles.

Happy little campers.

With the temperature right around 80 degrees (26 celsius) things in the sleeping bags got a little hot. So it was time to get out and explore.

Gracie-Jo and Cullen work together to get the fire set up for “roasting” the marshmallows.

Popsicles and marshmallows weren’t enough for Cullen, he’s back digging in the snack bag.

Eventually the camping equipment is used for other purposes, like squishing Gracie-Jo.

Or getting tangled in.

I’m happy to report that we didn’t end up camping throughout the night. 2 hours in and the heat was bringing to drain everyone. And Cullen was desperate of his nap. But for those 2 hours these kids were so happy. They had come up with this idea. Made all of the plans, worked out all of the details, adapted those ideas given the various restrictions, gathered the supplies and with a little support from the mommas, pulled it off.

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