Moms Can’t Get Sick

May 11, 2017

So I’ve been struggling through the week with a sinus infection. Initially I assumed it was a cold. But 3 sleepless nights in, with zero improvement in symptoms despite increased intake of fluids and lots of vitamins and over the counter medications, I realized that this was no standard cold. My cold had crossed over into a full blown sinus infection. Now I know there’s never really an ideal time to get sick, but for us mother’s, there is literally NEVER a good time to get sick. Sickness is an inconvenience and a nuisance. “Take it easy. Go to bed” is the advice everyone loves to give. Like it never even occurred to me that putting my head down on a comfy pillow and soft bed would be a good way to help my body beat this infection. But guess what? I’m a parent and my kids don’t care if I’m sick or not. They still need to be fed, dressed, brought to school and then to their various activities. They still want to ask endless questions, show you everything they’re doing and have their favorite stories read at night. So the one thing you desperately need to help your body get better, rest, is the one thing thats impossible to obtain. The solution? You continue to lash recommended dosages of the useless over the counter medications into your body, hoping that this time it might take the edge off and you stand a change at making it through another day with horrible headaches, endless snot and a low level aching throat. After 7 days with no improvement, the realization that I may need to take myself to the doctor finally registers. Now the trick becomes that of finding a window in an already over scheduled week to make this happen. And its probably going to have to happen with at least 1 of the kids in tow. And of course I’m not going to be able to take any of the really good drugs cos they might make me sleepy and while sleep and pain relief sound ah-mazing, I still need to be present and retain the ability to wake up when my kids need me. Being a parent really sucks sometimes.

Anyway, now that I’ve managed to drag the mood down, lets try and turn things around by sharing some Cullen photos. Cullen is currently in a very imaginative phase. Every morning he wakes up, he will tell me as I walk into his room who is going to be that day. “Morning Cullen did you sleep good?” “I’m not Cullen I’m Park Ranger Aaron“. Or “I’m not Cullen I’m a raptor“. Or “I’m not Cullen I’m Marshall (from Paw Patrol)”. Then the challenge is to remember to refer to him by that name all day. Sometimes I forget and that really pisses him off.

This particular day he was Park Ranger Aaron, so he put on his park ranger clothes and we headed off for a walk on the park trails so he could make sure life at the park was running smoothly.

Magnifying glass, to track creature foot prints and look at tiny bugs.

At one point while Cullen was busy with some of his park ranger duties, I hide a dinosaur egg. I thought the discovery would give him endless joy and excitement. And it did, for a few minutes.

But the joy and excitement turned to nervous fear as he began to realize that if there was a dinosaur egg, then there must be a dinosaur momma close by.

Poor guy, he’s very concerned that finding this egg may compromise our safety.

So I had to reassure him that dinosaurs were still extinct and that this egg was fossilized. So no momma dinosaurs would be coming back. Eventually he felt safe and began his fossilized egg examination.

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