No End To The Snow

December 30, 2010

The Husband and I have now packed up, endured a full days worth of travel misery complete with airport delays due to snow storms, over-sold flights, a plane full of frustrated and hostile passengers all venting and swearing in their respective languages and the icing on the cake, lost luggage, mine, all this in an effort to get to Boston so we could spend the second half of our Christmas travel extravaganza with The Husbands family. But travel drama aside, we made it and now we get to focus on some more eating, sharing, gift giving and of course some catching up and playing with our 2 other adorable nephews Paul and James.

And as luck would have it, Boston got pounded with 20 inches of snow right before we were due to fly, hence all the travel related nightmares. So since it appears that the big theme for Christmas 2010 is without a doubt “Snow” , I thought I’d do one final blog with some snow related photos. All of these were taken in Ireland the day before we left.

A snow covered country cottage.

Signs of life , some ivy peaking out beneath the snow.

And since the entire landscape appeared the same under a thick sheet of snow, I thought it best to have a photo of a signpost on hand, you know, to get our barings.

An old Irish mill.

The river Liffey that use to power the mill.

Not sure how much action this swing has seen recently. Its a brave swimmer that’ll take a dip in this weather.

Ok, I don’t know who lives here, but I want them to move out so I can move in. And yes, they have horses too, jealous.

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