Challenging Times

April 30, 2017

There hasn’t be enough hours in the my week. Which means there hasn’t been many any opportunities for me to upload, cull though and prepare for the blog, some of the photos I captured of the boys and some of their goings on from last week. But luckily, my sister-in-law Dinara, e-mailed me a gallery full of photos over the weekend from the one rainy day we had during the cousins visit that saw us take on the challenging walls of a local rock climbing gym. Dinara was the photographer for this activity, which worked out perfectly since I was busy dealing with a particularly moody and emotional toddler. Yep, the fun never stops in the game of motherhood.

The 3 big Doyle’s are off.

James is first to the top and gets to hit the victory button.

Cullen, and me, walking with purpose and focusing very hard on trying not to lose my shit in the midst of his breakdowns.

This rock climbing gym was full of bright lights and funky walls.

Paul on a happy decent from a sumitted climb.

Keane makes it to the top of the circle wall.

Pretty proud of themselves.

The wasn’t an easy climb.

But it grabbed Cullen’s attention for a few minutes, thank goodness.

Cullen eventually managed to find some joy playing in the climbing cave with his big cousins. So I took the opportunity to spend a minute encouraging and praising Keane for his climbing achievements.

Now everyones playing happily in the cave.

Yep, thats how I was feeling at the end of it all too. And I didn’t even climb.

Group shot for the end of a fun evening of climbing.

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