Boats And Tubes

April 24, 2017

The weather for 4 out of the 5 day visit by our Boston cousins was perfect. So we squeezed in another action packed day trip to the lake. After checking off all of the responsible things one should do for a day trip to a lake, such as sunscreen, compulsive life jacket attire, water for hydration, food for sustenance, it was time to let these wild boys have a little fun.

Firstly everyone had to get acquainted with the water and its not yet warm and toasty temperatures.

Some of us took the slow, lowering one foot at a time approach.

And some of us just took the plunge.

James is in and the face tells us all that this water is in fact cold.

Cullen and his rage at the still chilly water temps.

Paul is manning this voyage.

The anchor is dropped and these boys are ready to play.

James takes the kayak out of a paddle.

Later James!

Keane following in the 2nd kayak.

Paul is big enough to handle the man sized kayak.


James returns from his expedition.

And tries to help Keane out of a trapped in a branch situation.

Daddy and Cullen are off to the rescue.

Keane is free.

Towing this little tug boat back to base.

Cullen wore his scuba diving mask for the entire mission.

Cullen had a toddler meltdown cos he wanted to take the kayak out by himself. As a responsible parent, I knew letting a 3 year old off to kayak solo would be less than ideal. But we managed to find a compromise that Cullen was happy with, big cousin Paul would tow him as he sat in his own kayak.

Couple of curious friends show up.

Time to take on some tubing.

James and The Husband are first up.

Safe to say they’re into it.

Brave enough to stand.

Next up, Keane, Cullen and Daddy.

If your wondering who was driving the boat, it was me.

Loving every second of it.

The Husband and Paul.

Thats my signal to go full throttle.

These fearless boys.

Wahoo, mommas turn.

There’s no doubt that Cullen was a big fan of this adventure.

All the boys.

A bold move by Paul.

That resulted in an overboard situation.

But he swam his way back to his tubing peeps.

High five from brother James for a safe return.

A stop off at “Egg Island”. This is what my boys like to refer to this small peninsula, cos the last time we docked there they found what they believe to be a dinosaur egg.

Cullen happy doing his thing by the lakes edge.

Keane and Paul are on a mission to start a camp fire.

When Cullen heard they were working on a fire he was all in.

A causal peddle boat ride to wind down another fun day.

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