All In 1 Day

April 20, 2017

If you want to know what 4 little boys can pack into 1 day, then your about to find out. Our Saturday morning kicked off bright and early with Keane’s 9 am T-Ball game. You can see him there getting a serious stretch in before the opening pitch.

This particular morning and the stadium was packed full of Keane supporters.

Serious stance.

Getting armored up for batting.

The supporters are scattered all over the stands. Paul looking for the birds eye view.

Daddy and Cullen are top of the bleachers.

Dinara and James are field side.

Bryson and Keane wait their turn to bat for the team.

And pass the time doing who knows what.

Keane is up.

The fans are going crazy.


Off he goes.

Rounding 1st base.

Through 2nd.

Past 3rd and heading for home. Our vision maybe impaired but we’re getting this home run.

Almost there.

Cheer squad.

Yes, high-5’s from coach for an awesome home run.

Its hard to stay focused for an entire game.

End of game high-5’s.


After the T-Ball game we raced back home for some lunch then it was off to a helicopter Easter Egg drop. One of the mothers at Keane’s school told me about it during the week and I thought it sounded like something cool and different for us to do. Well, as it turns out, I wasn’t the only one who thought it was cool and different, so did 5 million other people. That number might be slightly exaggerated, but bottom line, the crowd was huge, traffic getting there was a bitch and parking was a challenge. We literally arrived 5 minutes before the helicopter dropped the eggs.

We’ve just walked onto the field and here comes the helicopter.

And there drop the eggs.

Keane with bucket in hand ready to catch some eggs.

But guess what? We got zero. Yes, ZERO. 100,000 eggs dropped apparently and the place was so packed that we saw none of them. Keane and his empty bucket.

Paul comes up empty too.

Luckily there was a toddler hunt about to happen right next to the helicopter drop. And since we had in our possession a toddler (at least I think we can still consider Cullen a toddler), the situation was saved.

Having more luck with the toddler hunt then the helicopter drop.

As the biggest cousin Paul stepped up to carry the egg buckets for the little cousins.

Back home and a water ballon war is about to start.

Daddy showed up and was an immediate target.

Having blasted through 300 water balloons and they’re still not ready to be done. So it was out with the hose.

Done with the water game. Time to towel off and head to the fire pit for some smores.

The best way to end a very busy day, outside fire roasted marshmallows.

Always when there’s food, theres Dexter.

Cullen, you might have a little something on your face“.

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