Project Snowman

December 28, 2010

The plan was to build a snowman bigger than The Husband. Ireland was buried in at least 8 inches of the stuff so there was absolutely no reason for us not to achieve our goal. We spent a small part of Christmas Eve brainstorming and settled on the perfect snowman design. Christmas Day morning my brother Conor, The Husband and I, bundled up and headed out into my parents garden to put the plan into action. Only one problem, the snow would not stick. Yep, it was too soft and too fluffy. Not enough wetness. We couldn’t even make a snowball. Disaster. But we are no quitters, this snowman was going to happen. So armed with spray bottles of water we began a drill of spray and pray. We sprayed a small area of snow with water and prayed it would stick. But 30 minutes or so into it, we were losing major patients and major interest in our snowman project and a strategic decision was made to downsize the original plan to something a little more bite-sized. And after a full hours effort, this was the result.

You have to admit, he is a cutie.

Hmmm, not even close to being the same size as The Husband.

My brother Conor does a victory dance. After an hours worth of spraying and praying, we finally got some snow to stick.

Wait a second, that’s not a snowman, it’s my wee nephew Evan, helping granddad cook something in the microwave. See how big and completely adorable he’s getting, just like his auntie Karen.

2 Responses to “Project Snowman”

  1. pam rauber says:

    What fun this was. You had me fooled with that first photograph.

  2. Caroline Delahunt says:

    Hiya Karen, Happy New Year. I’ve been nagging your Mam & Dad for a photo of Evan so was delighted to see the cute one of him on your blog.

    Really like the photos – well done!

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