Easter Sunday 2017

April 17, 2017

We Eastered hard this weekend. The cousins arrived from Boston late Thursday night. The weather was hot, the eggs and chocolate were plenty and the action was non-stop. Four boys, age range 3 yrs – 9 yrs, Will-Wear-You-The-Heck-Out. Believe me. There is absolutely no down time. Their energy is limitless. You think the next activity or adventure is going to be the one that lays them out, but they keep getting up, like the damn Terminator. But its been so much fun and my boys have LOVED having their big cousins around. The goodbyes will be hard today and 2 little dark clouds will hang over my boys heads for the next few days and they try to readjust to not having their cousin-buddies around. Of course there will be lots of photo sharing this week, all of it from the 4 days of packed out fun. The order will be random, but we’re going to start with Easter Sunday, since it just happened like yesterday.

Of course we started our morning off with the traditional Easter Egg hunt. The boys are in position, they’ve spotted some eggs, they impatiently wait the call to “Go!”

Its a Go! and James Bolt is out of the blocks and gunning it towards the eggs.

Keane is in hot pursuit.

Big cousin Paul and Cullen bring up the rear.

No wait, Dexter brings up the rear. No clue whats happening but he wants in on it.

Eggs a plenty.

We are hunting, we are grabbing and we are bragging to our friends.

Paul stumbles across something big and pastel colored in the bushes.

Its a giant egg and its got Cullen’s name all over it.

Keane spots another.

This time its for James.

Yet another.

For Keane, but there’s no way he getting it in that bucket.

Cullen found another, and its for Paul.

Dexter closes in on one random and forgotten purple egg.

Grabbing the final few.

All smiles for a successful hunt.

Now its off to see whats inside all these eggs.

Keane got a dinosaur. Imagine that.

Someone got some bubbles in their egg.

Cullen loves bubbles.

After the thrill of the hunt, we headed off to the lake. The boys spot a fish swimming happily next to the dock and so began the capture mission.

The face, I promise you he’s happy and loves to take the boat out.

James is the captain of this voyage.

Cullen likes to get hypnotized by the fast moving waves.

Turtle spotting.

The weather has really only started to get hot the past 2 weeks, so the water is not exactly warm yet. It’s cold, but these kids were still game for a dip. James chills on the tube, Keane waits excitedly for his turn.

James the brave, drives right in.

Followed by Paul.

Keane, relaxing away his troubles.

Momma and Cullen think about getting in.

But change their mind. Cullen opts for the floaty bed instead.

The Husband bought himself a kneeboard and cold water or not, he was taking this bad boy for a spin.

There he is, putting on a show for the smaller Doyle boys.

No hands for this brave fool.

Would you look at that, gone. Man overboard.

We thought about leaving him.

Dinara and James.

Momma with a tired Cullen and a tired Keane breaking down in the background.

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