Easter/Dinosaur Eggs

April 12, 2017

Remember all of the rain and thunderstorms I mentioned last week? Well, when you’re on your 3 day straight of that kind of shit weather and your very outdoorsy boys are confined to the not so great indoors, you have to step up to the mothering plate and do something to take the edge off. With Easter looming I thought this would be the perfect time to make a start on some Easter decorations for the house. So I scored us some giant white Easter eggs that I thought would be perfect for the boys to decorate. But when I showed the eggs to the boys, Easter was not the first thing they thought of, nope, “You got us giant dinosaur eggs! Thank you momma!” “Mmm, not exactly, but ok. Yes! Giant dinosaur eggs! Momma the hero! And it just so happens that a couple of weeks ago I also picked up some paper dinosaurs at a craft store that I was saving for an emergency situation such as this. So now we had ourselves a very prehistoric craft time in operation. Yes, this had the potential to be very messy, but I was honestly beyond caring. Like I said, it was day 3 of thunderstorm confinement, #desperate.

It all started off so civilized and cute.

Cullen painting his favorite dinosaur, the T-Rex, his favorite color, blue.

Keane went with the Triceratops, his favorite for this particular activity and painted it his favorite color, orange.

Oops, Cullen leaned in a little too close with an open mouth.

Now, this is when things started to go awry. Keane goes rogue with the paint and decided to decorate his hand.

Then he hand-stamped the table cloth.

Monkey see – Monkey do. Now Cullen is game for a little hand art.

Busy busy.

Cullen’s dino and egg.

The hand painting went to a whole new level. Now we’re just dunking them straight into the paint dishes.

Look Keane!

Look Cullen!

Skipping the brushing and applying directly with our messy hands.

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