Been a busy working type weekend. Shot the wedding of a fabulous couple who just happen to be 2 of our good friends. Now usually on days when I’m shooting weddings, I see the boys for breakfast, then I’m out the door and by the time I get home, they’ve long gone to bed, or at least they should be if Daddy is parenting properly. But this particular wedding capturing day, these 2 handsome little faces popped up amongst the guests.

Its was like a “Bring your kids to work day”.

Its the first time Keane & Cullen have been to a wedding, so it was all very exciting and as you can see, someone was very concerned about the gifts that nobody appeared to be opening. He wanted to take a peek inside to see what presents they got for their “not birthday”. Trying to explain the whole wedding marriage thing to a 3 year old and why they got gifts if it wasn’t their birthday was such a challenge. So Cullen started referring to the day as a “not birthday”, as in gifts even though it was nobodies birthday.

Time for the dancing.

Once the dancing started the boys never left the dance floor.

The groom and his little boy join the dance party.

Bride, groom, baby and my 2.

Don’t ask.

Keane and all the single ladies line up for the bouquet toss.

Follow the arrows to find Keane now in the line up for the garter toss.

The happy couple exit to sparklers and bubbles, look bottom right to see Keane doing his share of the bubble blowing.

Great job.

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