Going Solo

March 30, 2017

Sometimes its nice to have momma all to yourself. To spend a morning not being bossed around by your big brother, not having to wait your turn or share. Not having to jostle for attention or fight your corner. Not having to compromise your own wants and needs in a given situation to make things fair for everyone. As second born and youngest, Cullen has never known a life that didn’t involve any of these things, so you can image what a treat it is on the mornings his big brother is in school and he has an all access pass to everything, to Momma, to the toys, to the general flow of the morning. Its all about him and his needs, until its time to pick up big brother of course. But a few hours of solo play and Cullen is more than ready to have his big brother back. He’s second born remember, he’s never known a life without a best friend.

When a giant pile of wood chips is delivered to your house and your big brother is not around to stop you using his digger.

Lets do this.

Over the digging. Time to climb this wood chip mountain.

Some of you might remember our pet turtle, Turtler, who joined the family back in October (click here for reminder). Well. Turtler is still with us and getting really big. Too big for his tank. So the boys like to take him outside for “exercise” most days while they play. Here he is swimming in the quarry while Cullen plays.

A possible attempted break to freedom happening here.

Cullen thinks Turtler is playing hide and seek. I think Turtler definitely wants to hide and would rather nobody ever came seeking.

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