A lot of kids love to dress as superheroes. I know this cos I see photos posted on Facebook and Instagram by some of my fellow moms, going about their daily business with mini Spidermen, Batmen and Captain America’s in tow. And just like other kids, my kids have superhero aspirations too, their superheroes just happen to be a little different, kind of non-traditional if you will. My kids can’t seem to get enough of dinosaurs. They literally eat, sleep, breath, read, play and live by these prehistoric beasts. Its unbelievable and actually downright impressive how into it they are and how much they know. And how much I’ve come to know from all the books we’ve read, documentaries we’ve watched and museum’s we’ve visited. Seriously, challenge me on anything dinosaur, I dare you.

Anyway, the other day while Cullen was getting his afternoon beauty nap, Keane, who naps no more (sad face) told me he wanted to be a microraptor. “Great”, I told him, “what do we need?”. He went into a lengthy discussion about head feathers, tail feathers and wings, long wings, that are not actually for flying. No, microraptors I was told, had wings, but couldn’t fly, they were gliders. Wanting to give him creative control of the project, I asked him what he thought we could use to achieve the microraptor look. He said he needed some time to figure out the head and tail feathers, but for the wings we could definitely use a couple of kitchen towels. “Look, see momma? You can clip them onto my sleeves. They’re the right length and will flap good in the wind”. So I executed his vision, to his complete satisfaction. Then outside we went to test drive our gliding skills.

Yep, we are loving ourselves and our microraptor sleeves.

Just waiting for the right kind of breeze.

In position.

And away we go!

Landing was a little bumpy. But trust me, after 30 minutes of non-stop gliding, the landing got better.

As soon as Cullen woke from nap, Keane was in his sleepy face, flapping his wings and telling him all about his gliding. Through his post nap fog, Cullen said he wanted wings to glide too. That brings us to this photo. Before he was allowed a turn, Cullen had to stand through a detailed demonstration of the best way to glide.

Finally Cullen was given the green light to glide. But Keane stayed close by, offering plenty of constructive feedback.

And away he goes!

In Cullen’s mind he leapt 20ft into the air.

A quick glance over to his mentor to make sure he’s happy with his execution.

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