First Game Day

March 23, 2017

I would never call myself a baseball fan. If you’re a person with a short attention span (me) then a game that takes a minimum, a minimum of 3 hours to play, is nothing short of torture. I’ve been to a game, cos thats what you do when you move to a new country, you immerse yourself in its culture and get excited about new experiences. I arrived enthusiast and excited. I listened attentively as my then boyfriend (now husband) broke down the premise of the game. It was the early stages of our relationship, so acting like I cared about something he was into, was of the utmost. But OMG, 1 hour in and we were still waiting for someone to make it to 1st base. Which I guess meant the pitchers were having a good night, cos one batter after another stepped up, swung the bat a few times, missed, fouled or struck out, so then had to sit their asses back down. It. Was. So. Boring. I’d given it my best shot, but the molasses pace of play was too much, for me the rest of the evening was all beer consumption, people watching and constant glances at the score board, begging it to get to the 9th and final inning already.

But then Keane goes and mentions wanting to play baseball and just like that I’m pitch side at every practice and jostling for the best viewing spot on his team bleachers at each game. I’ve become an overnight baseball fan, or maybe I’m just a Keane fan. Honestly, if either of my kids said they wanted to take up knitting, I’d be right there, cheering them on, waving homemade banners with their names in large font bubble style lettering. I’m that mother. But as luck with have, T-Ball games cap out at 1 hour. Sweet! Cos just like me, the attention span of a 4 year old is short.

After 2 weeks of practice here we are, getting fired up for our very first game.

Keane looks legit rocking his entire baseball ensemble.

Warming up the gloves.

Bringing it in for a team pep talk.

On 3…

…Go Cubs! Thats the team name.

There they go, off to T-Ball war.

One thing about Keane, he’s never rushed. So I wasn’t surprised to see him sauntering along bringing up the rear of the team.

Showing up like a bunch of little T-Ball rockstars.

Now we’re fired up and ready to play ball.

Then he gives me this wave and I melt.

Cullen pops into the dugout to wish the team “good luck”.

The Cubs open up the game in the out field position.

The fans are seated, with plenty of snacks and beverages.

Keane is on the mound as the other team step up to bat.


Keane’s friend Bryson is somewhere in the vicinity of 1st base.

Other team bats.

Ground ball coming for Keane.

Got it!

Once he got the ball he wasn’t exactly sure what he was suppose to do with it. Haven’t quite covered that in practice yet. But big cheers from the crowd (mostly me & Cullen) and “great catch” words of encouragement from coach.

Bryson, watches the other team run to first base.

He feels like he should do something, but not 100% sure what.

Switch time, Cubs are getting ready to bat.

The other team out field and in position.

Here comes Keane.


And off he goes.

Safe at 1st base waiting further instructions.

Next up, Bryson and can we just talk about the helmets for a second. Look how big. They all look like a bunch of little bobble heads.

There we go, another hit.

Bryson safe at 1st.

Keane moves on to 2nd.

The next batter and he progresses to 3rd.

Fist bumps from assistant coach.

Bryson guns it to 3rd.

While Keane races for home, with impaired vision.

A wave to his fans who had been cheering proudly.

OMG, I could not stop laughing, look at Bryson, helmet is completely covering his eyes. He’s all over the place as he tries to find his way to home plate.

A couple more outfield shots of Keane looking focused.

Just look at that sank eye he’s giving the other player for making it to first base. Thats my boy.

Post game dugout cheer.

And cos he’s unofficially part of the team, Cullen joined them in the dugout, or “jail” as he liked to call it.

The lads.

And the randomness of a 3 year old.

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