Lets Play Ball

March 20, 2017

So Keane is getting to that age, the age when they begin to show an interest and want to try every sport they get exposed to. I have no idea how baseball came onto Keane’s radar, but a few months back he and his friend Bryson suddenly started talking about how they were going to play baseball. We (the momma’s) didn’t really think too much of it the first couple of times it was mentioned, but they just kept talking and talking about it. Realizing this topic wasn’t going away, that the boys were serious about their baseball plans, we began the search for the most local baseball league for 4 year olds. I keep calling it baseball, cos I’m Irish and what the hell do we know about baseball anyway, but when your 4 years old and really only learning the sport for the first time, its actually called T-Ball. The kids learn to hit by placing the ball on a tee instead of being pitched to. So no irony there, its exactly what it claims to be. Anyway, we got the boys register for Spring T-Ball and 2 weeks ago they had their first practice. And of course I was there with my trusty camera to capture all the action. Actually, this post is combined photos from their first and second week’s practice.

Week 1 and here we are getting introduced to our coach, our team and our equipment. Keane is preoccupied with some of his equipment.

So Cullen is not “officially” part of the team, he’s still a year too young to play, but he couldn’t understand how his brother and his friend were all getting ready to play and he had to stay on the sidelines. But our coach is awesome and let him join in the practice.

I wish I knew what Cullen was saying to the coach here.

“Oh look, an airplane”

Beginning with the concept of running bases and Bryson is eagar to go.

Keane is making sure Cullen understands what he’s suppose to do.

Lets see how he does.

Off he goes.

And he made it to first base.

Keane’s up with a pretend bat.

And then run.

At this point running was what this team was all about.

Getting in some skill work. Catching ground balls using the glove, or is it mitt??

Time to get our hands on some bats.

Swing technique.

Cullen’s priorities suddenly switched to snacking.

Bryson out field and not 100% sure of his role.

I think Keane knows his job is to catch the ball, am just not sure he knows the right way to wear his glove.

Cullen hanging out on 2nd base when the rain decided to show up.

Base running.

Here we go, ball teed up and we’re ready to bat. Bryson first.

Then Keane.

A cold and wet end to their first t-ball practice.

Week 2, no rain. Dry and not too cold.

The attention span of a 4 year old is short, this kind of spontaneous play happens often during practice.

Working on our catching skills.

And throwing skills.

Cullen told me he didn’t want to play with “team” today. He just wanted to run by himself.

Nothing as unpredictable and concerning as a 3 year old running around swinging a bat.

The line up to bat.


Cullen and Daddy are 1st base high-five givers.


Cullen didn’t even have to look up, his high-five is on reflex.

Home run for everyone.

Team cheer to end the 2 nd week of practice.

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