Time For Departure

March 16, 2017

This is it people, the final post from our trip to Australia and its taking place at Melbourne airport. Why? 2 reasons, 1. our flight back to the US was delayed. Logically I know a delayed flight is not exactly cause for a photo shoot, but 2. its your 2 year olds birthday and everyone deserves to have their photo taken on their special day. Now, the photos I’m about to share are probably the epitome of irresponsible parenting. But since the lads were about to embark on a 15 hour flight, that was already delayed, and I was already irritated and past caring, and it was Cullen’s 3rd birthday, I let them run wild at the terminal gate. Risky? Yes I will concede that, someone could have gotten hurt, but I was feeling bold and reckless and since my hurdling of the waiting area chairs was most likely an arrestable offense, I settled for living vicariously through the boys.

See, we’re not barbarians, we did chose a deserted part of the terminal to commence climbing all over the furniture.

Look at Cullen’s face, he wants in on this game badly.

Up he goes, but cautiously at first.

Keane coaches him though it.

Game switch, time for a combination hide & seek – chase game.

Wedged and not happy about it.

Ah yes, going low was the solution.

Spotted, Keane.

Hot on his tail, Cullen.

Chair hurdling just got real, bro vs bro.

Keane completes his row the fastest.

Celebration arms from Keane, copied by Cullen.

Keane quickly let Cullen know he could not cheer or put his arms up until he had gotten to the last chair. #bossy

They race again, but clever Cullen figured out the best way for him to beat his big brother, was to skip the hurdling completely and run the flat.

Cullen is the winner.

The runner-up and none the happier for it.

Time to wind things down prior to boarding with the magic tablets that made this lengthy travel survivable.

Oh, did I mention we stopped off in New York on the way home?? We spent 36 hours there, most of those hours the boys and I slept trying to recover from all the travel. But for the few hours we were awake, and while Daddy was at the Milrose Games, we ventured down to Time Square. Had to do something New York’ish, right?

From the summer of Australia, to the blistering cold of New York and all I’m thinking is someone is bound to get sick from this dramatic weather change.

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