Sun Of A Beach We Made It

February 21, 2017

Finally, here we go, we’re blogging all things Australia for the next however many posts it takes to share all the adventures we undertook over our 10 day trip. I still can’t believe we went. A little piece of me feels like we might have imagined it. I mean, these are the kind of trips bucket lists are made of. So its not lost on me how fortunate we are that The Husband is in the business of track & field and has to travel to some pretty cool places, and that sometimes, we get to tag along. But these are the opportunities sport can provide. Opening you up to experiences you never even dreamed possible. So stay in school kids, and play sport, coach sport or be an agent in sport. You just never know where your door of opportunity lies.

But back to Australia and the logistics of getting there. As you read in my last post prior to travel, I was very concerned about the kids ability to tolerate the long hours of airplane entrapment it would take to reach our destination. So I had mapped myself out a survival plan. The first leg of the journey was Atlanta to Houston, Texas and everything there went fine. The kids were excited to finally be on the way to Australia and snacks, coloring, puzzles and books was all the entertainment/distraction needed to survive that flight. From Houston it was onwards to LA, and thats when things started to get a little hairy. It didn’t really help that it was a night time flight, cos now tiredness was becoming a factor. I was hoping to save the tablet surprise for the longest flight, LA to Melbourne, but shit hit the fan hard less than half way though the Houston to LA flight so it was time to bring out the big guns. Truth be told, I was actually looking forward to the part of the journey when they lost their shit, only because I knew I had my badass secret supermom tablets all charged up and ready to go. So when the tears and frustrations started flying, out of the back pack came the 2 new tablets. And suddenly, in row 26 A, B, C & D, it was fecking Christmas. Just like that the tears were gone and there was nothing but high pitched joy and excitement. Momma was a hero and the rest of the trip was now survivable.

The next challenge we faced once we got to Melbourne was timezone adjustment. Jet lag had us wide awake at 2am Australia time, trying to entertain ourselves within the confines of the hotel room. When that got boring we decided to go on a stroll around the hotel like a bunch of nighttime creepers. We headed down to the hotel lobby where the staff I’m sure passed many judgments and had ample questions spinning around their heads in regards to our parenting style. So of course we sheepishly tried to explain the situation with just one word, “jet lag”, sorry, two words. Anyway, the lobby had an interactive game table that kept the boys busy for a good hour and a half, and somewhere between 4 – 4.30am, we headed back to the room and managed to get everyone off to sleep for a few more hours. The next morning we decided the first thing we needed to do in Australia was hit the beach. Melbourne is a coastal city, so a short 15 minute drive and suddenly you’re exactly where you need to be to overcome 20 hours of travel and the fogginess of jet lag.

So the beach is where our Australia adventure began. I’m not going to give a lot of commentary on these photos, cos theres only so many times you can state the obvious, “Keane taking a dip in the ocean”, “Cullen also took a dip and enjoyed playing in the sand”.

The shot to prove that momma was there too.

So the boys started this game of chasing seagulls on the beach. Here they are discussing the tactics of their next attack.

And there they go!

Cullen go left, go left”

A beachside playground.

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