Happy 3rd Birthday Cullen

February 19, 2017

I promise I’m getting ready to start the over sharing of photos from our Australia trip, but 1 very important thing needs to be addressed before I do that. Cullen’s 3rd birthday. Yes, my baby turned 3 on the exact day we flew home from Australia. So for the entirety of his special day, he was stuck on an airplane. But yesterday we put all that right by throwing him a joint truck-dinosaur themed birthday party.

A little personal note before we get into the photos. Turning 3 has been a turning point for my youngest boy. Not to wish his life away, but honestly, it feels like he’s been 2 FOREVER. 2 has been a challenging age. Challenging for me, the momma. Cullen is so smart, so funny, with the cheekiest sense of humor. He is full of opinions and experiences emotions in the extremes. He knows what he wants and is determined and stubborn in his approach to get it. Attributes that will stand to him later in life yes, but wow, if it doesn’t make for some challenging parenting. But this little boy, flaws and all, is my world (before I’m accused of playing favorites, Keane is too, obviously, this post just happens to be about the birthday boy). I get him. I get his stubbornness, I get his extreme emotions. I understand his reactions, I understand his humor, cos he is exactly like me. Life with him is never dull. When he’s happy, his whole body reflects it. He bounces, skips, claps and throws his head back in deep bellied laughter. His excitement for life is contagious and can instantly turn any bad day around. He’s still young enough to always want to be close to me, held by me or hold my hand. He adores his big brother, following him everywhere, copying everything he does and says. Keane is the first person he looks for when he wakes up and he misses him terribly on the days he’s in school. They are the best friends I’d always hoped they would be. As with both of my kids, I could talk about them all day and write about them endlessly. They are the reason for everything. Life without them is just unimaginable. Cullen, today we celebrate you. 3 years of you. Happy Birthday little fella!

Of course I had to get a few portrait shots to mark his 3 year milestone.

It takes some intense concentration to get those 3 fingers up, but he nailed it. Hooray for 3!

Another runner.

Onto party day!

Several months ago I asked Cullen what kind of birthday party he wanted. Without hesitation he said “trucks!”. Fast forward to 3 weeks ago when we went to order his cake, suddenly he was saying. “Dinosaurs, or maybe trucks, or maybe dinosaurs“. Trucks has always been his thing, recently however, he’s started transitioning to dinosaurs, but can’t seem to fully let go of the trucks. So my solution was we have a cake with both. And that made him bounce, skip and clap happy.

As a result of the double theme, we had double birthday banners.

The boys “helping” with the set up.

One of the cupcake got a little smashed during set up, so I let the lads eat it.

Can’t stop staring at his cake.

I let them taste some of the dirt (chocolate pieces) from around the base of the cake.

Cake time for the birthday boy.

Some extra wind needed from Daddy to blow out those candles.

Family shot!

Its cupcake time.

Time to open some prezzies.

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