Upon Return

February 15, 2017

Since our return home last Sunday, I’ve been trying to make a start on sharing some of the photos from our amazing trip to Australia, but the readjustment back to normal life has been rough. Keane has decided he is never sleeping again, and this is having a knock on effect for the rest of the household. An ugly knock on effect. The sleep deprivation he is indiscriminately inflicting has us all looking like complete shite, our brains functioning, or barely functioning on “foggy” mode and our temperament is one of snappy and irritable. I swear, I’m surveying solely by alternating between cups of coffee and tea, as well as tears and laughter. Not happy tears or happy laughter, but rather the laughter of a psychotic women on the edge of losing her mind. The only person who is unaffected by Keane’s insomnia, is Cullen. Cullen loves his kip and will not have it interrupted or cut short by anyone. He is usually fast asleep minutes after his head hits the pillow and we hear not a peep out of him until the morning. Oh how I wish he and his big brother shared this deep love of sleep. I know just one night of more than 2 hours of rest, would be enough to help turn everything around. To have us all looking and feeling happier, shinier and more positive. Fingers crossed this is the night.

As you can imagine, this trigger happy momma has shot a ton of photos on our trip  and hopefully over the next few days I can make a start on the sharing. Until then, here is a family photo with Koala bear Benny, taken on our day trip to an animal sanctuary. Cullen and I pretty much nailed the smiling tourist pose, Keane and Daddy, didn’t.

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