Heading Down Under

January 28, 2017

So I thought I’d better get a blog post up before we leave next week for Australia. Wait, let me say that again, my approach was very causal and you might have missed it. Next week we leave for AUSTRALIA! No, not kidding. And very excited. Not about the flight, but we’ll talk about that in a minute. Its a work trip for The Husband, he has a bunch of athletes competing in a series of track meets in Melbourne, but its an adventure for me and the boys. I’ve been to Australia before, anyone remember the Sydney 2000 Olympics? Well I was there, competing. Almost 17 years later, here I am, going back again, a very different person to the girl I was then with a very different life.

But first we have to get there, me, The Husband, 2 little boys and 20 hours of flying. Yes, 20 HOURS. I have anxiety at the thought. I’ve had anxiety for the past 2 weeks, since we decided to go and I’ve been consumed with designing our survival plan. And that survival plan consists of tablets. No, I’m not planning to drug my kids (although I did wonder what the legal amount of Benedryl was to give a child), I’m talking tech tablets. I’ve done a lot of flying with the boys, but never used any kind of iPad or tablet as part of their inflight entertainment. Our entertainment was always very old school, books, coloring, drawing, play-doh, snacking, napping and walking laps. And this was good enough to survive 7-9 hours. But 20 hours?? Fu#k that, the kids are getting tablets. So I sourced us 2 Amazon Fire Kids Edition and have spent the past 2 nights loading them up with games, books, movies and cartoons. These tablets are the sh#t bar none. So inexpensive ($80) and built exclusively with kids in mind. But the best part is, the kids don’t even know they have them yet. My plan is to start the flight doing our usual inflight activities, see how long we can get out of that. Then, when they start losing their minds, which they will, BAM! out of the bag, like some kind of badass super hero momma, I produce the 2 new tablets, filled to data memory capacity with nothing but digital fun. I think its bloody genius and I’m pretty confident this will bring so much joy and excitement that the rest of the flight should be cake. So bring on the 20 hours, cos bitch, we got this. This trip does mean there’ll be no blog action for the next 2 weeks. But think of all the fun stuff I’ll have to share upon our return. I’ve no idea what we’ll get up to, but its sure to be fun.

And cos blog posts are always better with photos, here’s some pictures of how we spent our Saturday morning, at Keane’s swim class.

Cullen snacks while Keane swims. And yes, it was very foggy at the pool this morning. The pool is actually an outdoor pool, but gets tented during the winter. So when its cold outside, but warm inside, it creates that steam room effect, which is great for the pores.

A little back stroke action from Keane.

Cullen is beginning to cross over to the dinosaur world. He hasn’t let go of his truck obsession completely, but he’s close.

And cos he’s 2, sitting poolside watching your brother swim is only fun for the first 15 minutes. Then you want to do something else. So while big brother continued with his class, Cullen and I went scooting.

The faster the better for Cullen. INTO IT.

Scooter tricks.


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