Will Run For Chocolate

January 22, 2017

Don’t ask me how this happened. One minute over Christmas we’re online signing up for the Hot Chocolate 5k, the next minute feeling super cocky thanks to a few sips of a seasonal cocktail you’re unclicking 5k and instead clicking on the “fu#k it lets do the 15k” option. Next morning, the horror “15K-OMG-15K-WTF-15K???”. I swear, my friend Mike and I are such a bad influence on each other. I’m a 5k girl. Have been for years. Triple the distance and only 3 weeks to get ready? What were we thinking? But there was no time for thinking, there was only time to get the head down and start pounding out some milage. It was tough, not just the increased milage, but finding the opportunities to get the runs in around the busy daily schedules of a 2 and 4 year old. Even when the opportunities did arise, an exhausting day of parenting had me wanting to go limp and collapse in a heap at the idea of throwing on the running shoes and pounding out 6 or 7 miles. But rally I did, and off I’d go running. Granted often times the pace was pedestrian, but the point is I was out there, doing the work and feeling good about myself once it was done. Fast forward to yesterday morning, it was time to step up to the post rainstorm start line, in the darkness of pre-dawn, me smiling with nervous anticipation, my friend Mike not smiling, cos 9 + miles of running is no reason to smile. But we made it, with a solid performance, finishing better then we thought we would. And bonus, complimentary cup of hot chocolate treats from all the finishers.

Pre-race “fun” shots”

Post-race survivor shots. To bad we weren’t the ones that got to enjoy the chocolatey fruits of our 15k labor.

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