Back On The Rocks

January 19, 2017

We hit the rocks again this week. But this time we tried a new rock climbing gym and it was, to say the least, a major success. Our first rock climbing experience was fun, for the kids, but not so much fun for the mommas. Full disclosure, the staff were less than enthusiastic about the existence of our children, despite the fact that we inquired ahead of time to make sure the kids and their age range were welcome. “Absolutely” we were told. But when we arrived, it was a different story. ALLERGIC! Thats what the staff were towards our children. We could see it all over their faces and it was confirmed when they began the games:

Allergic Staff Member: “Sorry, its scheduled only climbing today”.

The Mommas: “Great, we booked 11am – 1pm”

Allergic Staff Member: “Oh but cos of their age, they will need a qualified instructor”

The Mommas: “Yep, Clive is apparently the guy who will be showing our boys the ropes (a little climbers humor with accompanying har-di-har-har smile to try and win them over)

Allergic Staff Member: “Yes but if they’re not enjoying it and want to stop after 20 or 30 minutes, you still have to pay the full 2 hours”.

The Mommas: “Thats fine. We understand”

Allergic Staff Member: “There is also a lengthy waiver to be signed for EACH child” (particular emphasis was place on the word “each”, like the idea of lengthy paperwork for a total of 3 children should cause us to tremble and run screaming for the door).

The Mommas: “We already filled those out through your website”

Allergic Staff Member: “Oh when did you do that? See, they’re only good for 30 days”

The Mommas: “We did them yesterday. As in 1 day ago. So we’re covered for a further 29 more days. Now, is there anything else??? (said with absolutely zero climber humor, or har-di-har-har smile. Right now we are fecking irritated and couldn’t care less about winning anyone over with our charm and personality).

Allergic Staff Member: “I’m not actually seeing you on the schedule for today”

The Mommas: “Really?? Well can we talk to Greg cos he’s the guy that took the booking along with a deposit?”

Allergic Staff Member: “Oh you talked to Greg, ok, well hold on, let me see here”.

Greg is apparently the owner and Allergic Staff Member didn’t seem to want to involve him in his game of getting us to leave. So all of a sudden everything was fine. There were no issues and our kids were clear to climb. The boys were oblivious to any of this of course. But the mommas were pissed and irritated and ready to drink about it, later in the day of course, cos we’re responsible angry mommas.

So when the boys talked about wanting to go climbing again, we trolled the world wide web to find somewhere, anywhere that wasn’t the above gym. Thats when we found Stone Summit. Y’all, this place is amazing. And totally kid friendly, like, genuinely. The boys had an absolute blast and are already planning their next visit.

Stone Summit had an entire area dedicated to kids climbing, compete with dinosaur slide. That alone made it the undisputed winner with the boys.

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