January 15, 2017

Last week I gave myself the week off from blogging. I can do that cos I’m my own boss. Well, not really, the kids are my boss, but evenings, when the boys are tucked up, asleep in their beds and momma has “officially” clocked out for the night, (unless one of the boys wakes up, at which point I have to immediately clock back in) this is my opportunity to get stuff done. The stuff thats impossible to do during daylight hours while the kids are awake and in a constant state of needing something. But exhausted from surviving the day, you only have a few productive hours before your body will eventually demand sleep. So you need to work smart, allocating your remaining energy to the most important tasks. And last week blogging didn’t make the cut. Honestly, I couldn’t be arsed. I just wanted to sit on my arse, or go to bed early, or read a book I’ve been trying to ready since the birth of my first child. To treat myself to a mental vacation of sorts. So thats what I did. But I’m back now, feeling as refreshed as anyone with young kids can. Ready to share some photos from our trip to Snow Mountain at Stone Mountain Park. Cos the snow-not-snow of last week, wasn’t enough, we wanted more not-snow to sled and tube and build in.

We went with our friends Amaya and Julian and as you can see from the attire, it wasn’t exactly cold. It was 70 degrees (F), thats 21 degrees (C). A massive contrast to the sub zero temps of last week.

Stone Mountain.

And OMG! If a T-Rex was not the first thing we saw when we walked in.

More amazing news, more dinosaurs are on the way. I know one little boy who cannot wait for that.

Spotted, another dinosaur just to tease us some more.

Eventually we made our way to the Snow Mountain part of Stone Mountain.

Sled time.

Inspired by the dinosaurs, Cullen is now a dinosaur.

Until he turned snow digger.

Obviously the snow is not real, not in 70 degree heat. Its manufactured and periodically pumped out.

And there’s nothing soft or fluffy about it. This snow hurts. Keane had to assume the crash position to absorb the impact.

Its not easy to build in but the boys manage to build themselves a little snowman.

They kept asking me to build them an igloo, yet every time I laid a few ice bricks, this is what happened.


Time to go tubing.

Cullen is launched.

Here comes Keane.

With a lot more momentum he passes Cullen.

Bye Cullen!

Gradually making his way.

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