Let It Snow’ish

January 8, 2017

This weekend it snowed! Well, it was more of a frozen rain that stuck around. All crunch and no fluff sadly. But even the smallest peppering of white and the lads were excited. Traditional snow activities like snowman building or snowball fights were just not an option. The snow texture was all wrong and the amount was also an obstacle. So ice smashing was what it was all about. I on the other hand was a grumpy 90 year old who fantized about staying inside, cozy on the couch, wrapped in a blanket, fire optional, sipping a hot beverage while reading a book. In my fantasy there were no kids, so there was zero reasons for me to be outside freezing my arse off in Baltic temps. But not being 90, yet, and with 2 very excited kids, outside smashing ice was how I spent my day.

See, minimum snow.

But it still put a smile on these boys faces.

Frizbee, trapped in ice.

Let the smashing begin.

Off to see if the pond is frozen.

No, still liquid.

We were hoping it was a little frozen so we could test Keane’s Thunder Trax out on the ice.

Keane is full run mode. I didn’t even realized I captured this photo. Maybe my brain is already 90.

Daddy helps Cullen get a little more power behind his ice smashing jump.

So our quarry was frozen over. Yep, we still have our quarry and the boys still love to play in it.

Cullen is frustrated cos his digger can’t get at the rocks.

Daddy adds some hot water to thaw.

Diaster, gloved hands playing in the ice cold water means we are 2 minutes away from frost bite fingers.

Glove change and on to a different project. Smashing the ice on the cover of our new sand box.

Its done nothing but rain (now snowed) since we built the sand box. So this is as much action as its seen in the past 2 weeks.

Keane wants to know when its his turn to smash ice with the digger. Cullen pawns him off by offering a chunk of ice.

Keane takes the bait and Cullen buys himself several more digger minutes.

But it was only a matter of time before Cullen had to give up his seat for Keane to have a turn.

I swear, Keane was on it less than a minute and this guy was hovering, demanding his turn again. Keeping the pressure on by being all up in his space.

The face of a boy not happy to wait his turn.

Victory, its Cullen’s turn again.

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