Sand Storm

December 29, 2016

We didn’t really take into consideration the impact sand would have on our lives when we decided to build a sand box. Nope, the focus was predominating on the fun the boys would have not just by acquiring a large sandy place to play with their trucks, dinosaurs and digging toys, but on how much they would enjoy the process of actually building it. And while the building was fun and the playing is even more fun, the open invitation for billions of sand particles into my home is absolutely zero fun. And despite the implementation of a system of disrobing and shoe removing and sometimes a hosing down of the feet, the sand still finds a way into the house forcing me to put down my cup of tea and snacks, pause my soap opera watching, delay the afternoon I had planned trying on new clothes, teasing out new hairstyles and playing with bolder make-up ideas as I gossip on the phone with my other mom friends, cos we all know thats how us full time mothers actually spend our days. Ok whoops, and pause ⏸ some passive aggressive totally unrelated to sand-box building anger seeping through the cracks there. Back to sand and its invasion on our lives. Or not, lets just get to the photos part, much more fun.

Hitting the Home Depot for lumber selection.


Cullen approves the layout and location of proposed sand box.

While Cullen napped the big boys glove up and get to work.

So the sandbox building was paused cos Andre had an interview scheduled with a Canadian radio station.

Keane and Andre’s mom watch on patiently.

Andre, in serious media mode.

Interview done, back to work.

It doesn’t look like it, but Andre is helping. The moral support kind of help.

A run to the local quarry to pick up a truck full of sand.

Manual labor, puts hair on your chest.

Hooray! Cullen’s awake and ready to get suck in.

Andre is back with his mortal support and his curiosity at how it all turned out.

Opps, distracted again.

Our little friend Dylan dropped by to check out the finished result.

It all looked very appetizing to Dylan, he kept trying to sneak a taste.

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