Christmas Day 2016

December 27, 2016

Christmas has me shredded. The madness of the weeks and days leading in, the madness of the day itself, shredded. But when you have kids and when your hosting the Christmas Day dinner, you shut up and power on. Sitting is not an option. Not when you don’t want to miss a second of the kids absolute joy at discovering Santa did in fact come, and brought everything they wanted and more. So what you do is you caffeinate, until the hour is appropriate to switch it to wine. Now, what that hour is for everyone differs, but at Christmas, early is completely appropriate and acceptable. Then you continue to sip throughout the day telling yourself you’ll make it. You will get to a point when all the gifts have been opened, played with and talked about, when everyone has been fed, when the kids excitement and adrenaline has finally peaked and is now headed for a crash. Within minutes of hitting the bed, they’re out for the count, and not long after that, so are you. Sleeping the sleep of survival. A brain now free of trying to remember everything that goes into making the Christmas experience magical for the most important people, the kids.

The last thing that needed to be done on Christmas Eve was the baking of the cookies for Santa.

Yes, we washed our hands before we started. We don’t want Santa getting any kind of cross-contamination.

Flour clouds.

Eventually we got to the part where we roll the dough and cut the cookies.

I’m sure nobody is surprised to see that we made both dinosaur and truck cookies for the jolly man.

Between cookies breaking and cookies being consumed, Santa was lucky to be left with 1 dinosaur and 1 truck cookie.

Cullen on sprinkle clean up.

Its Christmas Day! Santa came! We got everything we wanted, and more.

My big headed child. Santa brought helmet sized age 3-5 and its still too small. North Pole exchanges will be happing this week.

Later in the morning our friend and Olympic sprint medalist Andre De Grasse finally woke up to come join the gift unwrapping. He got poppers in his stocking, but had no clue what they were.

So we mocked him, and because he has a sense of humor, he laughed.

All this unwrapping has Dexter beat.

Another gift that had Andre struggling, Jacobs Ladder.

So again, we mocked him cos even Keane had it figured out.

Time to take some of the gifts outside.

Scooter works.

Cullen got his own scooter, but much preferred Keane’s. Another North Pole exchange happening this week.

Finally got Cullen to give his own scooter a go, but minus a helmet, well, cos, the big head issue.

Keane off to the lake to test out his Thunder Trax. Its a remote control vehicle that goes on land and water.

It works!

Back to the gravel to play with all the vehicles.

Bonus features, both Cullen’s trucks have water squirting abilities.

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