House Party

December 21, 2016

A cold, wet and rainy evening calls for some gingerbread decorating with friends. A project largely based on ludicrous amounts of sugar consumption a few short hours before bedtime, what could possibly go wrong? Sugar high, followed by sugar crash with a side of grumpy, thats what. But listen, Christmas, memories and all that other sh*t we tell ourselves to make it ok.

Cullen volunteered to help me with the set up. Basically, he taste tested all the candy.

Our friends Julian and Amaya arrive and its finally time to pepper these houses with all kinds of candy.

In the gingerbread zone.

Julian patiently waits for the frosted roof to be complete so he can start adding his candy.

Amaya’s decorating approach is careful and thoughtful.

Last year more candy made it into Cullen’s belly than onto his house. This year an impressive amount of candy actually made it onto the house.

Uh oh! Whats about to happen here?

Of course, lets suck the frosting directly out of the pouch. A much faster track to the bloodstream.

Julian applies the finishing touches.

Some candy for Amaya’s tree.

Everyone wanted a photo with their finished house. Here is Julian.

Amaya, delighted with here little house.

Keane, wondering what he’s going to eat next from his house.

Cullen had zero interest in getting a photo next to his house.

Our friends have left, the clean up is done and we are still eating gingerbread houses.

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