Take To The Ice

December 18, 2016

Like every family this time of year, we are busy creating lots of memories and establishing family traditions with the boys. At their age everything fills them with excitement, questions on all things Christmas are endless, and their belief in the magical is positively contagious. As I watch them every fiber in my brain literally screams at them to never grow up. I want them to be this happy and this excited forever. To find the pure joy in the smallest of things. Its an impossible wish I know, growing up is something that happens to us all. But I wish it anyway as I continue to capture all of their special moments. I don’t have the power to stop time, but I do have the power to preserve it with every click of my shutter.

Cullen’s first ice-skating experience.

This was Keane’s second time to skate, we took him last Christmas too.

Cullen feeling brave enough to “do it myself Dada”

Keane is desperate to have this skating thing figured out. Ice rink independent is his ultimate goal.


Some fast lap skating compliments of Daddy before we pack up our skates.

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