Oh Christmas Tree

December 8, 2016

A little later than previous years, but you’re never really late unless the big man in red has actually been and gone, then forget it. Otherwise, yesterday was the perfect day for us to get our family tree. The lads love this part of the Christmas prep shenanigans and as always we arrived with our “go big or go home” game faces.

There was lots of exploring and running around. One can’t be too hasty when choosing the right tree.

Cullen found some of the trees down.

But was willing to use his man power to try lifting them back up.

Keane and Daddy believe they have found “the one”.

Cullen arrives to sign off and approve the selection.

And a happy dance seals the deal.

Time to load up.

Thank goodness Cullen was there to hold onto that little branch. Otherwise I don’t know how the lads would have carried it.

Keane’s impressed with his bold tree decision.

Loaded and ready for home.

It was a job to get it in position, but we eventually did.

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