Gobble Jog – 2016

November 24, 2016

Another Thanksgiving means another Gobble Jog for The Shinkins and The Doyles. Its really the only way to start off a day focused on food and overindulgence. Guilt free eating is the prize for every step of the 5k.

As usual my friend Mike and I kicked off early with the timed 5k.

There’s Mike.

20 minutes and 5 k later, not so smiley.

My 2 biggest fans.

And 1 wore out momma.

Mike manages to smile through his fatigue.

Next up was the family 5k. Daddy decided he was going off on his own for this one. An increase in physical activity lately and he’s game for test driving his running legs. Here he is explaining his running plan to Keane, Keane ponders the info.

With Daddy off on his fitness mission, its Mike, the boys and I.

Yes, Cullen for the surge.

Keane off and opening up a gap.

Never without a truck in his hands.

Pause, to appreciate Falls colors.

Cullen also distracted by the glowing leaves.

Look who it is, Daddy, we’re closing in on him.

Water station.

Back in the race and Cullen needs a recuperation break.

Eventually, so does Keane.

But we’re in kicking distance of the finish line now, so we’re off and gunning for home.

Daddy rejoins the team and Cullen wants back in the buggy.

We’re so close, we can smell our victory.

Hooray! Another Gobble Jog for the boys complete.

The 2016 group shot.

And now for some play and exploring.

Cullen told me he was “a bad guy” and had to go to jail.

Never misses a truck.

Keane meets the Gobble Jog turkey.

Cullen is in my arms telling me “no go say hi to turkey” as I’m taking this photo,

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