Raise A Glass

November 20, 2016

As the blog infrequency would imply, I’m still not caught up on my work load. And traditionally, a situation like this would trouble me to the point of anxiety. But tonight, I’m raising a glass to it. I’m raising a glass to silence that nasty and judgmental inner voice, whose only real purpose is to elevate my stress levels and make me feel like I’m failing. I’m raising a glass and sucking down some “momma’s juice” (aka wine) cos tonight I feel like having a little party. Cos sometimes, in moments of deep overwhelmedness, the only solution is to block it out, with alcohol. Drink the joy back into your life, party in your pj’s, cos the kids are sleeping and apparently its “irresponsible” to leave them home alone while you continue to sup and forget at a bar or club, even if you bring the baby monitor. The world can be a very judgey place. So here I am, blogging under the influence instead of being more productive #priorities.

Speaking of priorities, thanks to the messed up priorities of one of our neighbors, this weekend we found ourselves forced to make a premature start to our Christmas decorating. Yep, said neighbor went and filled his garden with twinkle and shine that did not go unnoticed by the boys. They then began the harassment and endless questions about when were we going to start decorating our house for Christmas. As it turned out, when was very early Sunday morning, at Wal Mart, where we trolled aisles for tacky Christmas decor that gave the boys nothing but joy and excitement.

We have another photographer in d’house. Keane found my Fuji Instax camera, for those unfamiliar, its basically a Polaroid. Take a picture and the photo prints out instantly. Now he takes it everywhere and photographs everything. Its costing us a small fortune in polaroid cards. But he’s loving it and has started keeping small albums with all his photos.

A little secret about myself, I can’t stand inflatable Christmas decorations. They give me a rage that can only be overcome by puncturing them with a sharp object. I did everything I could at the store today, everything to steer the boys away from the inflatable tack, but they were having none of it.

And there he is, Cullen, proudly carrying a ridiculously oversized inflatable Minion. Give me another drink.

Keane, taking the Christmas decorating shopping very seriously.

Look who found a truck ornament.

And almost tripped over himself in his hast to show daddy and Keane.

Spotted, a tree choo-choo.

And cos Daddy’s a sucker, he bought it.

The holiday spirit is alive in Cullen and Keane.

And here we are, inflating the tacky Christmas inflatables. We convinced the boys that it was a great idea to inflate them at the back of the house. So we could deny their existence by not having to see them every time we came and went from the house.

Well, this might not be the worst idea after all. Clearly the Minion loves the odd drink himself #miniondown #drinkingbuddy.

The snowman that is also a hunter, see his camouflage jacket? #winning

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