Halloween – 2016

October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween! We are back from a very lucrative evening of trick or treating. Our pumpkin buckets are filled with candy, we stayed out much longer than we planned, and eventually got to bed at what would be considered an ungodly hour for a 4 and 2 year old. But we had so much fun and sugar, and thats all that matters when its the eve of Halloween. And if your wondering what we all dressed as this year, well you’re about to see Keane was of course a dinosaur, a triceratops to be more specific and Cullen was Tow Mater, from the movie Cars. We usually try to dress cohesively as a family, but this year both the lads were locked firmly on two very different costume ideas, so as parents we decided that one of us would go Jurassic with Keane, I was a stegosaurus and The Husband went as Lightening McQueen to Cullen’s Mater.

Here is my adorable Triceratops.

Cullen wasn’t in the mood to have his photo taken. So that should explain the photo on the right.

But OMG, look what The Husband built for Cullen. His very own Tow Mater to take trick or treating. I mean seriously. How effing good did that turn out??

Got his little tow hook in the back and everything.

The family shot. And I know we’re all collectively wondering what the hell I’m wearing, but just know this. I tried to find a dinosaur costume for an adult women online, but as is the case with most women’s costumes, the choices were slutty dinosaur girl, or slutty dinosaur girl. Perfect if I was single, in my 20’s and headed out to the club looking to get picked up by a hunky Fred Flintstone. But not so perfect for a mother not in her 20’s, or going to a club, but rather going trick or treating with her kids. So hence the lizard skin looking leggings and what you can’t see are my spike head and back plates.

This year 2 of the boys friends Julian (the ninja) and his sister Amia (the ninja turtle) joined us for our trick or treating. Oh, and Dexter is a lion and hates every second of it.

Here we go.

So the rest of the photos are pretty self explanatory, kids roaming the hood looking for candy.

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