Carving Season

October 29, 2016

Halloween preparations are up and running. Pumpkins have been carved and painted, cos honestly, if your going to make a mess, go ahead and make mess, thats what I say. The boys loved this project, obviously due to its high level of mess potential.

With 4 years of pumpkin experience under his belt, Keane was unfazed by the pumpkin clean out process.

Cullen on the other hand was curious, but not enough to bridge the gap from watching to touching.

Wait a second, in for a little touch.

Adding some facial drama to the clean out.

Another reason Keane was a fan of this project? He got to use sharp objects.

Cullen getting right up in there.

And his face says it all.

Once all the seeds were removed, he didn’t mind putting his diggers inside.

Trying out a little snowman/pumpkin man.

On to the painting. We used glow paint, for a little glow in the dark fun.

Finished product. Well done the boys. Our front steps are now Halloween ready.

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