Rocking The Ranch

October 25, 2016

This is a post I threatened to blog 2 weeks ago. Then something happened, I turned another year old, and well, our Fall Day of Fun had to move down the pecking order so I could focus on me and my birthday moment. Me-me-me, least we forget, I’m all about myself the entire month of October. But here it is now, Keane, Cullen and their friend Bryson and the day we spent at the Rock Ranch.

We’ve done our fair share of orchards and farms in the past, and I’ve never come across these drain pipe slides before. This year they appear to be everywhere we go, and the lads love them. Bryson in a huge hurry to get to the top.

Cullen ready for his slide.

There he goes.

Next on deck, Keane.

Away he goes.

And Bryson for the off.


These pipe slides actually went under the hill, giving them a slight edge on some of the other pipe slides they’ve been on.

My view when I was at the top.

And back up for more.

Don’t want to use the mat momma. Here, take it.”

The bounce pillow, a big hit with the big boys.

Cullen had no interest in the bounce pillow once he spotted the sand box and trucks.

Relocated himself to the dirt.

Pony rides.

Everyone loved the cow train.

Carousel ride.

3 little boys anxiously await their train ride.

Spotted! One approaching train.

The moment Cullen was sure momma was about to abandon him.

We ended the day in a corn bin, swimming in corn.

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  1. Katie Peeler says:

    These are fantastic! I’d love to share some of them on our social media pages, tagging your photography page of course. Please email me and let me know if you’re okay with it. We’re glad to hear you enjoyed your trip!
    - Katie Peeler
    Communications Director at The Rock Ranch

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