A Day For The Lazy

October 20, 2016

The weather put its best face forward for the weekend Birthday shenanigans, so Sunday we took the crew to the lake for a lazy day of, well, laziness. And even though the weather is still warm and toasty, the water temperatures are starting to drop. Too chilly for the boys to want to do much cannon balling or swimming, but happy enough to ride shot-gun with momma on her paddle board.

The surprise birthday guests, chillin on the dock while we get the boat fired up.

Loaded up and ready to set sail.

Keane, looking way to grown, chatting with the grown ups.

Derv gives the sun a chance to tint her milky Irish skin. Cullen enjoys some snacks.

First out on the water, Cullen and momma.

I had the nerve to assume Derv couldn’t paddle board. In fairness she’s not a great swimmer and she hates the water, so you can see my logic. So here she is highly offended and demonstrating her almost flawless paddle boarding skills.

A tandem paddle.

That moment when your bestie wants to go from sitting to standing and your sure its about to end with everyone getting tossed over board.

But it doesn’t, and now your balancing animals.

Keane wants in on the balance act.

A little sibling battle over who’s driving us back to the dock.

I guess Keane’s the winner.

Fabulous end, to a fabulous day and a fabulous birthday.

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