Modern Family

November 27, 2010

Taking advantage of the long weekend and the chilly but sunny weather, we decided to pack up a portion of our motley crew family, pick up a couple of friends and head off to hike the Tallulah Gorge. And for anyone out there who like me has been struggling to get any sort of consistent workout going the past few month, may I suggest taking a 6 month old high energy, intensely curious foster puppy, along with your own 2 year old Dexter on said hike. This is sure to make up for many many months of physical idleness. My cardio was tested cos as we all know, puppy dogs and Dexter dogs love to run.  Strength came into play when both dogs needed to be restrained from chasing any and every random squirrel and chipmunk. And power was the focus when little Crooked became intimidated by some weird metal steps and needed to be carried up several flights of gorge stairs. But even this was not enough to wear my little canines out, cos every time we stopped to grab a few minutes break and check out the views, the 2 boys were all over each other wrestling, chasing and playing tug of war. The cold fresh air, the environment full of new and exciting smells, the fact that the family and some friends were all out together enjoying the fabulous day, had these little doggies completely energized. They were pumped and they just couldn’t hide it.

And due to the challenges of the day, I only have a few point n’ shoot photos to share from our excursion, cos as skilled a multitasker as I am, somehow holding a camera in one hand while trying to restrain a puppy in the other became way to much and eventually I just stopped trying.

The group: Back Row: The Husband, Crooked, me and Cuppy. Front Row: Peter, Dexter and Fanz. Crooked is just too damn cute in his permeant state of tilted headness.

The Husband with both our energizer bunnies. And Crooked, still rockin his crooked.

3 Responses to “Modern Family”

  1. Dinara says:

    Did I miss something? Who is Crooked? Is he your new addition? He is SO cute! Dexter is looking all grown up :)

  2. Dinara says:

    Of course, all I had to do is catch up on reading of all your posts and I would know everything I need to know. Karen, he is such a cute puppy. :-) I wish you could bring them all with you when you visit us here. Hugs!

  3. Karen Shinkins says:

    Me too Dinara. Crooked is doing so well, he was a very sick puppy when we brought him home, but Dexter and him are fadt becoming BFF’s.

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