October 2, 2016

Last week our family grew by 1. On a random break in his work day, The Husband found himself foraging in a forest, next to lake, as you do, when he came across a dirt hole with some eggs. One of the eggs became very active and as he watched, a tiny turtle poked out his tiny head, 1 tiny arm and a leg. Instead of leaving him alone, The Husband scoops him up, gives him temporary accommodation in a chicken nugget box and transports him back to our house so the boys can watch a live turtle hatching. Instantly the boys were completely absorbed and invested in Turtler (thats his name) and his plight for egg freedom, and instantly I knew this guy once hatched, was not going to be released back to the wild like I hoped. No, Turtler was now the turtle we never had or ever knew we wanted.

Keane was committed during his hatching process, Turtler was never left alone, not even when we had to take Cullen to his swim class.

While Cullen and his friend Wyatt swam, Turtler and Keane watched.

Then suddenly Turtle’er broke free of his egg.

As soon as we got home, we prepared to move him into larger accommodations.

A bigger tub with some flat rocks so he could choose to be in or out of water. Choices, very important.

Water, also very important if your a turtle.

The move from his baby tub, to his big turtle tub.

And there he is. Happy, I think.

Turtle’er has been with us for 5 days now and honestly the poor guy hasn’t had a seconds peace. Keane is constantly bothering him, but in a very gentle way. I try to skillfully coach him in the direction of leaving him alone, but I appear to have zero skill in that department.

Day 3 and Turtle’er got yet another upgrade in his accommodations. His very own tank. Heated.

And Keane continued to bother him, this time introducing him to some of his favorite dinosaur toys.

Trying to nap in his little turtle bed.

On top of meeting Keane’s dinosaurs, Cullen also wanted to share some of his favorite crane hooks with Turtle’er.

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