Just For Fun

November 25, 2010

Its Thanksgiving here in the US, so you know what that means? GOBBLE JOG time. Every year for the past 4 yrs my good friend Mike (aka Cuppy) and I have done the Thanksgiving 5k. This year however, we did flirt with the idea of not competing. Between 3 sprained ankles (twice on the right and once on the left), busy work schedules, saving the worlds abandoned animals, one puppy at a time, we’ve struggled to keep up with any form of consistent training. Bottom line, we were not in peak Gobble Jog form. Then we had a thought, what if we ran it “just for fun?” Not for chasing times. Not for personal records or shiny medals. Just for the craic. A very weird and foreign concept for both of us, but we thought, “what the hell, lets give it a go” and we did.

There I am taking my “just for fun” approach very seriously.

Cuppy is middle of shot in the white vest and maroon shorts and yes, he too is wear his “just for fun” smile.

The sea of Gobble Joggers

Me finishing.

Not lookin and feelin so smiley now, are we??

Cuppy crosses the line.

Also strugglin to rock the smile.

The “congratulations we survived” high-five.

Thanks to my friend Fanz for coming out to cheer us on, for snapping these photos and for cooking an amazing Thanksgiving dinner. Not having to cook after a hard day of Gobble Jogging was very much appreciated.  Thanks Fanz XO

4 Responses to “Just For Fun”

  1. Edward says:


    What is going on? A ‘Fun Run’, since when have you ever done a fun run. Don’t tell me you have lost that competitive edge. You have never done a fun run your whole life. When you started out running you used to go over the the trophy area and pick out the trophy you wanted even before you went out to the starting line for the race. Are you telling me you are human after all? Evan is not happy!

    Happy belated thanksgiving to you and Paul



  2. Rupa says:

    ditto to edward! ; ) xo

  3. DON B says:

    hi shinks….i think fun runs are just what you needed…….nothing wrong with them,I used to do fun runs with my x-country teams all the time just to ease the brain and feet,etc. glad you had fun till it was 19.37 time…ha,ha. I think that was sils downfall…too much serious sprinting no fun 600/800s. oh well don stay retired!!! DON

  4. Karen Shinkins says:

    Ok Edward, stopping playing mind games with me. “Just for fun is ok, just for fun is ok, just for fun is ok” my therapist recommended I keep telling myself this.

    KaRupa’s, not you too.

    Don, thank you for seeing it my way.

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